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Cryptopia Exchange Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews ... EDIT 15 MAY 2019 : Cryptopia Exchange Announces Bankruptcy. Since their 14th January hack their communication is a disaster : 45 days of almost silence and at the beginning of March they reopened in "read only mode" (like a movie set) impossible to trade, to deposit or withdraw our cryptocurrencies .. Cryptopia review 2020 | Features, fees and more | May 15, 2019 · When withdrawing cryptocurrencies, you’re essentially transferring them from the Cryptopia wallet to your own, so it’s also a transaction fee. Notably, there are no fees for transferring altcoins between users on Cryptopia. This is because they’re staying in the Cryptopia wallet but simply allowing a different person access. Cryptopia traders report problems withdrawing funds ... Feb 01, 2018 · Cryptopia traders report problems withdrawing funds. Susan and those who have funds they want to withdraw were told to do so before the accounts closed. he had deposited money … Cryptopia Exchange Review: Is it safe? - BlockchainBiome

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@Cryptopia_NZ as coin we hold Was already 80 percent down in cryptopia now not refunding our coin made as to suffer huge loss. m_one_ypro Money  26 Jan 2019 Ever since the Cryptopia trading platform got hacked, users have been The company claims some of the funds stolen from Cryptopia went OpenLedger Suddenly Raises Withdrawal Fees to 5% » The Merkle News. 23 Feb 2020 This was further confirmed later when they didn't have the Safex to cover the withdrawals of those who had funds left on their Cryptopia account  15 May 2019 Cryptopia, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in New Zealand, has 'If you want to buy bitcoin, be prepared to lose all your money'. Transferring from an exchange, If you're transferring the funds from the like Cryptopia or Qryptos will still ask you to enter a payment ID when withdrawing ETN.

Jan 18, 2019 · That was the ominous message customers of the Christchurch-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia received on Sunday, only it wasn’t their money they couldn’t transfer, but digital tokens in one or more of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies the exchange traded in.

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