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Electroneum ICO Review - ICO Closed Early; How’s It Doing Now? The story of Electroneum has been a bumpy one. Most ICOs never even come close to hitting their targets, yet Electroneum’s ICO easily hit its $40 million hard cap and closed early, boasting 120,000 contributors, far more than its creators expected.. However, almost immediately after its official launch, on November 1, 2017, Electroneum had to abort its launch and close access to its wallet Electroneum Price Prediction: down to $0.000157? - ETN to ... Currently, Electroneum is only listed on Cryptopia for trading, which is a problem. They plan to list their coin on many more exchanges, and it would be great if they manage to list it on some big exchanges like Binance or Bittrex. Electroneum has a very huge pull of followers on Facebook.

Nov 01, 2017 · Quick overview of how to send your ETN from your paper wallet (if you use that to mine) to cryptopia or other exchanges once they have added …

Electroneum (ETN): Never Failing to Disappoint - Cryptovest The fears have been blown up by the general distrust in Cryptopia, which has had withdrawal problems before. At the moment, the only way to remove ETN from Cryptopia is to sell for another coin and re-buy on Kucoin. The other criticism against Electroneum concerns mobile mining. What is Electroneum? - Electroneum 101 Oct 04, 2018 · Electroneum needs to be on more than one exchange. I sent 10 ETN to Cryptopia on the 9, January and it still hasn’t shown. I contacted their support with all the proper transaction lines, and still no answer. I’ve counted it as a loss, so I’m just banking what I mine… Don’t trust that exchange.

10 Jul 2018 New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia brought its planned crypto assets, such as DigiByte (DGB), Linda (LINDA) and Electroneum (ETN).

GitHub - electroneum/electroneum: Electroneum: the secure ... Jan 30, 2019 · The V8 software upgrade (Electroneum v3.0.0.0 release) introduced some fairly radical changes to the Electroneum blockchain, those consisting on a new consensus algorithm we’ve coined as Proof of Responsibility and change from a full permission-less blockchain to a Moderated Blockchain.