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To keep yourself current and up-to-date with all the happenings and price movement changes with regard to the black market exchange rate of Dollars to Naira, check our live archive blog on Current Dollar Naira rate in Black Market. These are the Black market exchange rates of the Dollar to Nigerian Naira in each working trading day. Black Market Exchange Rate Today - Updated Daily ... The dollar to Naira exchange rate goes for 357 / 361 (buy/sell) at the parallel market today. The Black market is oftentimes seen as an underground economy run by dealers that are not authorized by the government but who run a trusted connection with those who … AbokiFX: Dollar Naira Exchange Rate Today; Euro, Pound ... Black Market Exchange Rate: Black Market Exchange Rate can also be referred to as aboki fx rate. It simply means the exchange rate of 1 usd to naira on the street. It is called Aboki FX rate because most black market agents are Abokis. So the exchange rate they … Parallel market Rate for Dollar, pounds and Euro in Nigeria Jun 28, 2019 · Nigeria’s Parallel Market Exchange rate is a daily compilation of the price of the Naira against three major currencies in the world. This tracker dates from June 1, 2016. Note: Rates displayed here may be different from rates used in actual trades.

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Naira Currency Converter - Get daily market exchange rates of US Dollar, Euro, and Pounds to Nigeria Naira including charts showing the latest exchange rate history. Dollar to Naira Rate Black Market January 10 2020 | FxMallam Jan 10, 2020 · Dollar to Naira Rate Black Market January 10 2020. Today’s Naira Black Market Exchange Rates. Dollar to Naira. Pounds to Naira. Euros to Naira. These are the prevalent rates for Lagos. Actual rates may vary slightly based on vendor. Rates are updated during the day as they change. Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate TODAY; Black Market and ... Nov 22, 2018 · For almost three days, Naira to US Dollar exchange rate at the black market has been hanging between 336 Naira to 370 Naira at buying and selling rate. It’s a free for all at the exchange market. For instance Diamond Bank on November 27, 2018 bought 1$ for 336 Naira. The above Naira to … Usd To Naira Exchange Rate Black Market March 2020 Us dollar usd to nigerian naira ngn currency exchange today naira exchange rate at parallel market unicpress dollar to naira black market exchange rate today january 09 2019 canadian dollar to naira black market exchange rate today 1 cad dollar naira exchange rate today from abokifx july 2018 abokifx get black market exchange rates naira to dollar pound euros.

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Mar 30, 2020 · How much is Dollar to Naira exchange rate today black market 2020 – The Naira to Dollar exchange rate though pegged at an official rate of N360.5 per $1 had been at what could be described as freefall in the black market. Naira Black Market Exchange Rates | AbokiMallamFx AbokiMallamFx.Com provides daily information on the current exchange rate of the Naira to Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Euro and Chinese Yen. Our currency converter makes conversion of the Naira to other currencies stress free. Pounds To Naira Exchange Rate In Black Market March 2020 ... Mar 30, 2020 · How Much Is Pounds To Naira Exchange Rate In Black Market Today 2020 { Updated Daily } – Since the unfortunate free fall of the Naira begins last year, it had been difficult for it to regain its strength against major currencies of the world.One such currency is the pound which is exchanged at N490 for £1 pound. Home | FxMallam Dollar to Naira Rate Black Market April 2 2020. April 2, 2020 + Dollar to Naira Rate Black Market April 1 2020. April 1, 2020 Simply choose the currency that you want to convert and we'll show you the exchange rate history. Codeage FxMallam